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Key Features

Version 1.02 (18.08.2017)

• The ultimate shooting and RPG simulation experience.

• Level up and get your hands on more coin to unlock the new stage and upgrade a weapon.

• Fight and explore your way to deep space.

• Be a game master, get an overwhelming power you can defeat any enemies.

Ironslug is a space shooting game to clear the stage using right weapons.

Use the appropriate strategies to Clear the stage!!!!

1. Collect Gold and Diamonds to upgrade your weapon, vehicle, and power pack.
2. Equip the weapons for the proper stage to collect 3 stars
3. Look for the question mark box. You may get a good reward or Maybe nothing at all. 
4. Please give us feedback on your balance.

** This game does not have a designated storage server.
If you reset your mobile phone or delete the game application, the saved data and history will be deleted and it cannot be recovered. 
Please be careful when you make a payment or reset the mobile phone.


“This is Awesome mobile game.

The Ironslug has a lot of fun to play every stage.”

Aug 25, 2017

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New game from Cyrus Global Llc.


Our company development team dedicated to the distribution of major Global video game company in Asia including Korea since 2003. Our major purpose is making a game which could be popular for all ages and with highly enjoyable mobile game experience. We are focusing be a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. Since we established our company, with great passion to make a great game. We strive to make the most fun, thrilling, and engaging entertainment experiences for our players.


Galaxy space shooting game!

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